Backseat Goodbye - Envy the Living Lyrics

Artist: Backseat Goodbye Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Dressed Up Like Dreams
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Well it's friday night.
What the fuck are we doing here?
If i didn't have this song stuck in my head I'm sure my thoughts would be a little more clear.
No excuses this time gonna keep it in drive.
So don't fuss or fight.
We're gonna live like our buried souls have been brought back to life I know i've said it.
At least a thousand times before.
But please just keep your mouth shut.
Let's live for once Well the streetlights are inline.
And they're not moving for anybody anywhere.
So i guess we'll take our business elsewhere for now.
And when they go out, we'll pour like rain through the streets.
And light this town up like a goddamn miracle they'll wish they had.
Never seen.

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