Backyard Babies - Dysfunctional Professional Lyrics

Writer(s) : Svensson, Andreas Tyrone / Borg, Niklas Roger / Carlsson, Peder
Artist: Backyard Babies Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on People Like People Like People Like Us
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Well you been on top of the world
At least thatÂ's what I heard
I gonna ask you one more time
I canÂ't sleep when youÂ're around
And I care how sick you sound
I gonna ask you one more time
He was a friend of mine
CouldnÂ't make it been shut down

Everywere I turn
All the evidenc burn
Dysfunctional proffesional

Now youÂ're really in the dirt
Yeah you said that youÂ've been hurt
I gonna ask you one more time
Do you sleep whit one eye open
You deserve to be this broken
I gotta ask you one more time
He was a friend of mine
Couldn't make it , been shut down

Everywhere I turn
All the evidence burns
Disfunctional Professional
But everwhere I go
All my confidence grows
Disfunctional Professional

You dragged me down in yor dirt
I was told the world
But received the hurt
You're so Professional

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