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I used to think love's quite as sweet.
Used to think when it's so complete.
But look at our lives. We shout and we fight.
Don't get on the line. On the borderline.
I'm not so tough. Your price of love.
Is much too high. You make me cry.
But that's for sure. Can't take no more.

You're breakin' my heart.
Don't walk away Suzanne. Don't go.
Don't tear it apart.
You're breakin' my heart.
Don't walk away Suzanne You're all.
You're all that I've got.
Here's my confession you're all that I need.
And you're my obsession I'm down on my knees.
So don't walk away.
Don't walk away Suzanne.

The shadows are closing in.
The tide is high to try again and again.
I'm chained to side. I'm chained to your life.
Don't get on the line. On the borderline.
I'm down and out thinking about,
The words we said, good times we had.
Don't close the door. I know for sure.

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