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My love. Now you're lyin' lonesome.
With visions of blue. Vision in you. Again.
You let your heart go and whenever you do.
It's hurting me too. When damage is done.
I watch you run. It's me you call. To me you come.

Kisses and tears, my one and only.
Don't be lonely. I'm right here.
Kisses and tears will turn a bad dream to a good thing.
It's so clear.
Kisses and years, you worth waiting, that we created with our love.
Kisses and tears, my one and only.
Don't be lonely. Don't you run.
You know. How our heartache ends with visions of blue.
Abandoning you.

I know that we're more than friends.
You. You know that it's true.
It's long overdue. No more to run.
No damage done. Now here my call. To you I come.

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