Bad Brains - Rise Lyrics

Artist: Bad Brains Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Rise
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Did you ever question any of the things
They thought while you were at school?
And did you ever question, "Oh my teacher
Why do you take me for a fool?"

Rise up, you got to rise up, wake up and rise
When you're all alone
You'll search for love but they'll have none

This is the seed that they have sown
Don't be afraid, a better place has yet to come
And when they won't teach or reach or feed
And all they do is leave you deceive you

Be true to yourself and save your mind, lesson for the young
So now let's fly away into the light of a brand new sun

The time has come, rise up, you gotta rise up, wake up and rise
We'll meditate, communicate, escalate, don't be late
We just can't wait to liberate this human race

Go, rise up, you gotta rise up, wake up and rise
Don't let them take away your culture
Don't let them take away your future, rise up, you got to rise

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