Bad English - Life at the Top Lyrics

Artist: Bad English Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Backlash
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He looks like Deniro, she's his Brigitte Bardot
And that's enough to hang around with those who think they know
But if you've got the image, and symbols of success
You must be doing something right, to keep up with the Jones's

They made it from the castin' couch, the sex was rock an' roll
They're everybody's business, inquiring minds must know
Every slummy little detail, every superficial move
And you can buy it retail, in pink and black and blue

She said, take me walking where the surf is slow
He said, what's wrong with right here, I got places to go

Life at the top, down on your knees, don't stop, don't stop, give it to me
Life at the top, where nothing is free
It's alright, alright, baby won't you live it with me

If you get up on the table, you're gonna lose your place
In the city of angels, where fame's a state of grace
If you need a plastic surgeon, honey, I know an ace
You can't change your past, but he can change your face

She said, take me walking where the surf is slow
He said, what's wrong with right here, I got places to go


He said, baby, take me far away from here
She said, you already arrived, can't you see yourself clear

Life at the top (alright, alright)
Shakin' the money tree (alright, alright)
Give it everything you got (alright, alright)
Shake it one time for me (don't stop, don't stop)


(Life) at the top, down on your knees, alright, alright, baby live it with me
(Life at the top) This stealin' thing you got, in the land of the free
(Don't stop, don't stop) So come on baby why won't you
Why don't you steal from me
(Life at the top) My my my my my my yeah
(Life at the top) It's alright (life at the top) it's alright, in real life
(Life at the top) alright, yeah

In the city of the angels, you can get it where you want it
Get it where you want it, get where you want to, want it, want it to be

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