Badlands - Voodoo Highway Lyrics

Writer(s) : GILLEN, RAY / LEE, JAKE E.
Artist: Badlands Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Voodoo Highway
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Ha ha ha ha
Oh, it wasn't that bad was it
Y'all goin' to his show

I'm a searching soul, um hmm
I'm a lonely man
Walkin' down
To the crossroads

Wake up on a Sunday mornin'
Heard a voice in my head
He's tellin' me lies
Tryin' to take me by surprise
Tryin' to take me down before I'm dead

Oh, down that Voodoo Highway
Oh, down that wicked road
Oh, down that Voodoo Highway
Poor old son, gonna find out the hard way
Oh, yes he is now

Mojo man ring my doorbell
Tell me somethin' what you need
I ain't gonna sign on no dotted line, no sir
Might as well make me bleed

Ah, I'll take my chance on Voodoo Highway
Oh, goin' down, down, down
Oh listen, I never joke a fool
Don't you know, I was born to fly down Voodoo Highway

Ah, don't you mess with me boy
I was born to fly
Down on Voodoo Highway, highway, highway
Aw, don't try to steal my soul

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