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Artist: Badly Drawn Boy Lyrics
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Been feeling high
And then feeling low
Strap your hands across my engines
I'm not broke so please don't mend me

You're like a neon sign
Just burning so bright
Penetrates like an infection
You give me feelings I can't mention

Maybe, all I need
You need too
Don't wait for me
I'll wait for you

I'm gonna follow you around
I'm gonna wear you down
I don't want to alienate you
You've got as long as it might take you

Good things come in ones
And double up to two
Don't want to rain on your procession
Only seeking your obsession


It might take a little time
Got all the time we need
I'm not here to try and fool ya
Just trying to break on through ya

Now that wasn't right
But then nothing's wrong
I've got a feeling it's all right
I've gotta keep you in my sights

[Chorus: x2]

Don't wait for me
I'll wait for you

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