Bal-Sagoth - The Scourge of the Fourth Celestial Host Lyrics

Artist: Bal-Sagoth Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on The Power Cosmic
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They possess power unparalleled...
ageless, remorseless. Without pity or conscience.
Manipulators of evolution on countless worlds.
Gods of the stars... the Celestial Host!

Zenn-la! (My homeworld, denied me by the whims of Galan of Taa!
I vow that another world shall not be taken from me while I live!)
I beseech thee, great ones... spare this insignificant planet... this earth.

Humankind, behold your creators... behold your destroyers.
Arishem, Exitar... Judge and executioner!

They who sow the fields of the stars...
They return to reap the evolution harvest.
Arishem, Exitar... Judge and executioner!

Time, space, soul, mind, reality, power...

I am the last scion of Zenn-La,
Never more to embrace Shalla-Bal.
I was born to soar beyond the stars...

And lo, the Exterminator,
the Destroyer of Worlds,
the Purifier of Galaxies...

The edge of oblivion beckons...
(the blood of countless billions stains these silvern hands...
but I must... I will endure!)
I am the protector of this world! I wield the Power Cosmic!
(Behold, from the Realm Eternal my ally speeds to lend his might
and the power of his Uru hammer to the fray!)
Arishem, Exitar... Judge and executioner.
I shall scatter your atoms to the four cosmic winds!

Time, space, soul, mind, reality, power.
Hail Arishem! Hail Exitar!
The Star-Gods have returned!

The vast sea of stars stretches into infinity before me...
I am the last scion of Zenn-la, Never more to embrace Shalla-Bal,
I was born to soar beyond the stars.

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