Baltimora Chinese Restaurant Lyrics

Artist: Baltimora
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Album: Track 5 on Living in the Background
Length: 5:11

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The time is 8:09
I´m running to the line
The one that takes me down
Down to Chinatown...

There´s shouting in the streets
A pattering of feet
Intrigue is everywhere
Total chaos...

Chinese restaurant
We´re meeting here tonight,
We ´ll say goodbye
For one more time
Chinese restaurant
Keep breaking up and mending
Seems to be the pattern of your love...

A writing on the wall
A symbol tells it all
I should have known before
She was moving on...

Mysterious almond eyes
Incapable of lies
I should have known before
She was moving on...

It´s just like a movie
We kiss and she walks away
Alone on the sidewalk
I´m left like a fool today
It´s just like a movie
My fortune cookie says:
"Keep on moving on your way,
She´ll be back here once again"...

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