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Album: Track 1 on Key Key Karimba
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Hypnotized by sounds Sounds and their imploring (Repeat) I was born Dancing with a squeak in my heart Ooh-Ooh Dah-Ooh Jumping together Once I heard it We were on our way to the dance Ooh-Ooh Dah-Ooh Sound is forever Let me in the senseless feeling now that I'm back Ooh-Ooh Dah-Ooh You can't let it go Day and night the sounds just try to keep us together Ooh-Ooh Dah-Ooh We make up forever Too many games that I played With my heart when I commit a lie Well like a child you can learn You may go it's to know it's the key key key key (Chourus) Key key karimba 'Nother foolish name inside a story You know what I mean Key key karimba Hypnotized by sounds And their imploring It's changing the scene (Repeat) Now I know you finally got a squeak in your heart Ooh-Ooh Dah-Ooh You can't let it go now It's in your blood I see it when I look in your eyes Ooh-Ooh Dah-Ooh Let's feel it together! Too many games that we played With our hearts when we commit a lie Just a child you can learn You may go its to know i
t's the key key key key (Chorus) (Repeat first 2 verses) (Chorus, then fade)

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