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Artist: Beatsteaks Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Smacksmash
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hello there ladies and gentlemen
wanna join me down your roads
on the interstate where they say it's safe no more
it's gonne come down to you anyway
so pick up the brand new sound
or stick to your guns
and scare me everyday
are we going separate ways
it's gonna hit one day
and i guess that they know nothing at all
under a big attack
living under a big attack
i watch you lying and cheating
misleading the weak
and you put on a hell of a show
you spit on the poor
keep them from your doors
let them suffer and fuck them once more
i will travel this world
which is out of control
i can sense it wherever i go
who's gonna sing a lullaby
for the under twenty-one
who's gonna get this share or maybe more
it's gonne come down to you anyway
so pick up a brand new sound
i've been trying hard but i just can't get along

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