Ben Folds Five - Where's Summer B.? Lyrics

Writer(s) : FOLDS/JESSEE
Artist: Ben Folds Five Lyrics
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I'd like to tell you
Like to tell you
Tell you everything
Cause nothing changes
Ever changes
Doesn't seem the same these days
Dave's been a mess since Cheryl left
Just sits at home
And beats back death
And Beth still wears that
Stupid dress

There goes Joe Caparo again
With Darren's girl friend
They're asking where you been
Like I know
Where ya been
Hey Summer, where ya been?

I tried to tell you
Tried to tell you
Took a little bit too long
And now your phone
Is disconnected
And your ****'s out on the lawn
The Hardback Cafe closed down
Now we've got Office Town
You should have stuck around 'cause

There goes Ross and Frank again
They're holding hands
They're asking where ya been
Like I know
Where ya been
Hey Summer, where ya been?

I could take a train
Or fly away
Maybe write a book
And change my name
I could settle down

There goes Joe Caparo again
Hey, that's Darren's girlfriend!
There's Ross and Frank
They're holding hands
They've been asking where ya been
Hey Summer, where ya been?
I'll smoke a bowl with Caleb
We'll fly away or settle down
Hey, hey Summer, where ya been?

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