Ben Harper - I Want to Be Ready Lyrics

Writer(s) : Harper, Ben
Artist: Ben Harper Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on The Will to Live
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How I am strong
Is to know what makes me weak
How I am found
Is to know just whom I seek
The gift of a blessing
The burden of a sin
Turn to him

I want to be ready
Ready to put on
My long white robe

Nailed across
From hand to hand
For the sin
Of woman and man
All upon his earth
Is all within his plan
And I know this shall be
My journey home

I want to be ready
Ready to put on
My long white robe

Covet no silver
Covet no gold
Reach your empty
Hands for him to hold
Up in his kingdom
Glory shall be proclaimed
Sing the song
And praise his name.

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