Ben Kweller - Debbie Don't Worry Doll Lyrics

Artist: Ben Kweller Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Bromeo
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Darling, come here
I need to talk to you
My mamma's ill
So I'm going back to Texas
But we can only afford
But one bus ticket
You know I might be gone
For some time

Debbie, don't worry doll
Cause you'll always be mine

Cry on my tummy
And be understanding (understand now)
You know things like this
Just aren't how I plan it
But let me tell you
We're never apart
Cause you live in my heart
And I still get lonely

But I know we'll be fine (we'll be fine)
Cause you'll always be mine

I hate her knowing
I must be going
My mamma's dying
She's a-crying, "help me"

I gotta go, no Ben no,
What if you find a new love
In the heartland?
Oh baby, I'm not that kind of man
And you'll always be mine

I'm not believing
You're a-leaving
Who am I holding
When I get cold in December

I love you
What if you
Never do
Come back at all? (all)

Debbie don't worry, doll
I love you, and that's all (all)

You know that we'll be fine (we'll be fine)
And you'll always be mine (mine)
You're the best girl of all time
And you'll always be mine

Let's go, boys

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