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Artist: Bertine Zetlitz Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Sweet Injections
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I went to see your brother
Cause he still prefers my frame
And I kept asking who she was
And how she knew your name

I get a taste of iron
When I breathe
I get a taste of iron
When you bleed

Your brother with the tattooed face
He told me you're in love
You sleepwalk and you say your grace
Like 5 times in a row

I get a taste of iron when he speaks
I get a taste of iron and it leaks

Following the cracks around my shoulder
Jammin up the backdoors of my mind
Flooding down the wicked stuff I told her
I'm the sickest girl he'll ever find
He'll ever find

Be careful as you turn around
I'm turning on my charm
And I've got you dangling boy
I'll call it false alarm

I get a taste of iron when I sleep
I get a taste of iron when you weep


You see I howl beneath the moon
Cold and sweet and dangerous to touch
I watch you when you kiss
Nothing I will miss
A little bit too much...


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