Beth Hart - Better Man Lyrics

Artist: Beth Hart Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Bang Bang Boom Boom
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He got me feeling so fine
He taught the sun how to shine
He turns my water to wine
He do it every time
Ain't nothing better than that
I let him play with my cat
Got nothing on but his hat
Ain't nothing wrong with that

All that i want him to know
That i want him to know
Is that i love him so
He's better than i ever had
More than i can stand
I found me a better man, better man
How loves better than, better than
Better than you ever can
Dont want no animal
Acting so out og control
I found me a better man
He grease my pan better than you can

He's no complicated man
He's happy holding my hand
He likes to Swim in my tub
I like his rub'a'duck
He's never stolen my car
Or tried to pawn my gitar
He doesn't flirt with my friends
My money he can't stand

Love and happiness i have received
Love has surely been so good to me
I finally found myself a piece og sky

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