Beth Hart - Over You Lyrics

Artist: Beth Hart Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on 37 Days
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Lonelier tonight than a sinking stone
I can hardly breath
I am drowning in the dark
wrong is never right still I'm breaking bones
& every part of me
I hear the pounding of my heart

Mama I can hardly wait
take a little chance on fate
chew it up & spit ut out
Finally see what's love about

I'm living loving laughing over you
Tossing turning trying over you
Kicking screaming crying over you
Wanting needing dying to get over you

Mama always said that "you'll know better
when you do grow up"
"all you gotta do is breath"
"Take a little look inside yourself
& see what turns you on"
"and then you will finally see"

Well mama I can hardly wat
to take a little chance on fate
Kick it up into the sky
finally see what's love feels like

(chours) repeat

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