Beth Orton - Rectify Lyrics

Artist: Beth Orton Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Comfort of Strangers
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Well love love love is a one way train
comes on gentle as a hurricane
it’s got p.a.i.n. written all the way through
from where i’m set looking over at you

and it takes all my might
and it’ll take all my day
and if it wants me to come
well i know i’m gonna stay
nothing can save me from my life
but for love my mistakes i would rectify
...if i could
and it’s all we’ve got to leave

and if you take a drop of water from a bucket
would not know
does not show
love is all that remains
love’s gonna fill it again

well love love love will make truth from a lie
and i don’t want to live how i don’t want to die
so give me one kiss to build a dream on
gonna stay with me through the changing seasons
and it’s all we’ve got to bring

and if you take a drop of water...

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