Better Than a Thousand Power Within Lyrics

Artist: Better Than a Thousand
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Blame it on your family, they didn't give a fuck
Blame it on your poverty or because you're rich
Blame it on the one you love and label her a bitch
We've got the power

You blame it on the weather, but I think it's bizarre
That you blame it on astrology and all of the stars

We've got the power

Blame it on your country, blame it on your town
Blame it on your neighborhood, you want to burn it down
Blame it on your culture, blame it on your genes
Blame it on New york,L.A., and all that's in between

We've got the power

Sick of all these excuses, they're not good enough for me
Now's the time to rise and take responsibility

We've got the power

Life will force a change-will we improve?
Choices dictate if we win or lose
Leave the past behind, now we'll begin
We must find the power, the power within

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