Big & Rich - High Five Lyrics

Artist: Big & Rich Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace
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Run, and I will run with you
Faster than light can move
And as far as you want to
Wings, maybe we don't have wings
But we can do anything, anything

Look at me I'm dreamin'
I just gave the moon a high five
Don't you know that freedom
Freedom is a place in your mind

Laugh, I'll laugh and cry with you
Until the grass turns blue
And the sky bright green
'Cause I, I don't want anything
Less than everything here with you


If we let go (If we let go), maybe we'll rise (Maybe we'll rise)
Up through the clouds (Up through the clouds), and find a new high

Baby let go
Baby let go
Baby let go (Baby let go)

Look at me I'm dreamin'
I just gave the moon a high five

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