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Artist: Big & Rich Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace
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On the road making noise
Rocking hard for all the girls and boys
We got the groove we got the songs
Our kinda music makes you sing along
Well jump on up in your chair
Everybody throw your hands in the air
You're gonna scream until it hurts
You know you're gonna get your dollar's worth well

Crank it up tonight
When you hear us on your radio
Oh oh, oh oh
We'll take you for a ride
Anywhere that you want to go
Oh oh, oh oh
Glad y'all could make it out to the big show
One, two, three, four
Hey, hey, here we go

A big city or a hick town
Sooner or later we'll be coming around
We like to party with the rowdy crowd
We like our fiddles and our guitar's loud

[Chorus x2]

Crank it up tonight
When you hear us on your radio

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