Big Boi - Daddy Fat Sax Lyrics

Writer(s) : Sheats, David A / Patton, Antwan
Artist: Big Boi Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty
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It is I the B-I-G the B-O-I
Turn my ears to the street n eyes to the sky
Kept my sights on the prize wide open doors wide
Like the thighs of a hooker spread told the girl bye
I got bigger fish to fry *****s wish I would retire
Cause of the pressure I apply every time I bust a rhyme
Look at the rest of ya tryin' watch me stimulate the mind
Of the masses while you *****s kicking it like jackasses
N who you voting for Republican or Democratic?
Don't say it doesn't matter cause that's how they stole the last one
***assins bullets might be waiting for Obama
Do you think they'll have a brother before Billy's baby momma come on

[Chorus:Repeat x4]
Look at the way you look at me da-daddy fat sax
In my Cadillac six woofers and four amps

My daddy told me it was mine for the taking
A true gift from God the stars aligned when they made me
Him Arena's baby they first born son
I'm Antwon Andre Patton the only one
But mind of a champion with heart of a lion
I'm defying all the laws like a caterpillar flying
Way before my time and reside in the dirty dirty
Where they still hanging lynches like we in the early thirties
God damn you know who I am (da-daddy fat sax)
Royal fam of Atlanta dungeon ***** you understand boi
This ain't what you want let be clear from the bungie
I write knock out songs you spit punchlines for money

[Chorus:Repeat x4]

With my ears to the streets and my eyes to the sky
I'm on another planet my ***** and you jus fly (fly-y)
Cause I'm (da-daddy fat sax) take that mutha****a take that
With my ears to the streets and my eyes to the sky
I'm on another planet my ***** and you jus fly (fly cause he's daddy fat sax)
Riding off in a Cadillac like that nig

[Chorus:Repeat x4]

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