Big Tymers Big Talk (Intro) Lyrics

Artist: Big Tymers
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Hey yo, bitches, hey YO!
This is Big Money Heavyweight
I'm Mannie Fresh here
We take the 1st song to this shit
*scotchtape sticking into*
The name is...mmmammm...

*chair falls down*

Mannie Fresh: Mmm...
Birdman: Yo
Mannie Fresh: Mmm mmmm...
Birdman: Yo, shut the fuck up

*scotchtape sticking on*

Birdman: Yo, get the fuck off that shit
Mannie Fresh: MMM MMMM...
Birdman: Yo, is better than fuck off me
Mannie Fresh: MMMM MMMMM MMM...
Birdman: This is fuck up, man
Birdman: This is fuck up
Mannie Fresh: MMMMM MMM MMMM...
Birdman: I fuck over that shit
Mannie Fresh: MMMM MMMM MMMMM MMM...
Mannie Fresh: MMMAMMM MMM...
Birdman: Hey yo, fuck over shits
Birdman: You know what i'm fucking?
Birdman: Fuck that shits
Mannie Fresh: MMM MMMAMAMAAMM...
Birdman: This is really shitted up
Mannie Fresh: MMMM MMMMAMM...
Birdman: Hey yo, get the fuck of you
Birdman: I'm done that shit
Birdman: Word up
Mannie Fresh: MMMAMMAAMMM...

Birdman (Mannie Fresh mmming):
This is Birdman here (MMMAAAMMMAMM...)
I gotta introduce that shit here
The name is "This is how we do"
Enjoy that shit!
Word up