Big Tymers - Real Talk (Outro) Lyrics

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Album: Track 20 on Big Money Heavyweight
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Mannie Fresh: Mmm mammmamaaammm...
Birdman: Fuck, i can't believe at you
Mannie Fresh: Mamaaammmamm...
Birdman: Fuck, it's incomprehensible
Mannie Fresh: Mammmammmamaammam...
Birdman: Let me take this shit over

*scotchtape straps over*

Mannie Fresh: OOOW!

Birdman: What the fuck are you doing?
Mannie Fresh: Nothing, i was chillin
Birdman: What?
Mannie Fresh: I was chillin
Birdman: You are a fuckin liar
Mannie Fresh: I'm chillin
Birdman: You ain't chillin
Mannie Fresh: Why not?
Birdman: You play my shit
Mannie Fresh: Huh?
Birdman: You played my shit
Mannie Fresh: No, i don't play your shit
Birdman: You are a liar
Mannie Fresh: Why?
Birdman: You played my shit
Mannie Fresh: *sighing* Yeah, i'm played my shit
Birdman: Fuck, you gotta dead right now
Mannie Fresh: Why i gotta dead?

*gun cocking*

Birdman: Because i got a gun
Mannie Fresh: My nigga, don't kill me, man
Birdman: OK, but don't play my shits no more, alright?
Mannie Fresh: Alright
Birdman: OK, peace *gun sets over*

Birdman: Big Money Heavyweight, bitch
Mannie Fresh: Alright

*both laughing*

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