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(LiL G-ReG)
Fo sho dog
yeah this lil g-reg in the house
i just wanna tell you in case you gootta do
yal know what i mean by do right
yeah poo
you bend down its what you gotta do
get into the groove
pretend ur in a peaceful land
then you gotta let somelead out
and cuz
(LiL G-ReG
This - is-how-we-poo
yal make a song like ugh
(constipation noise)
then wipe it all up
get out and celebrate
make a big figure 8 and peace
yal make a song like ugh (constipation noise)
yal happy now
yal must be a fool cuz and yal aint cool cuz
dat mad easy of da heezy son.
yal gotta get into it my man and practice again
(LiL G-ReG, D-BIGGZ, Bonez)
and again cuz this-is-how-we-poo
yal make a song like ugh (constipation noise)
wait till it comes out
wipe it up get out then celebrate
do some figure 8s cuz this is how we poo baby peace!

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