Billy Bragg - Days Like These (U.K. version) Lyrics

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It's morning in America
And you can be your best
You have a valid credit card
And can pass a urine test
And it's midnight in El Salvador
They're spending dollars in your name
It's no bloody consolation
Reagan cannot run again

They'll trade with the Ayatollah
If they can't convince Congress
That the only type of patriot
Is an anti-communist
And I shake my head and wonder
What would Joe McCarthy say
If he could walk through downtown
Washington DC today

The C-I-A on campus
Are taking down some names
Inviting folks to join them in their
Coke and dagger games
And does it ever prick your conscience
As we are the world you see
When you know today we're so far away
From the dreams of Martin Luther King

The brotherhood of the elephant
And the party of the year
Are desperate for contestants
To take part in the farce
Of selling democracy down the tubes
With the ad man's expertise
The majority by their silence
Will pay for days like these

Peace, bread, work and freedom
Are the best we can achieve
Wearing badges is not enough
In days like these

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