Billy Joel Josephine Lyrics

Artist: Billy Joel
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group, FLAT TOWN MUSIC CO., A DIV. OF SWALLOW PUBLICATIONS, INC.
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Didn't cha know what I mean
When I said 'I love you Josephine'? Yeah
Nothing I say does justice to you
Or lights up the dasy the way that you do

Like a beautiful queen
You deserve a crown
My Josephine. Yeah
Well I pick up the phone and give you a call
You come around with your sneakers and all

Sit right back. Suppose I went away. Ah
Would your love turn sour and moldy green?
When I take from you the light of yoodle-eh-hi-hoo
Would I make you sad
My Josephine?

You arrived on the scene
You made me glad I'm alive
My Josephine. Yeah
Nothing I say does justice to you
Lights up the day the way that you do
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