Billy Ray Cyrus Ain't Your Dog No More Lyrics

Artist: Billy Ray Cyrus
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 2:28

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I've been your hound
But now I'm breaking this chain
Too late to throw me a bone
I'm sick of fetching and sleeping in the rain
Ole Sparky's hittin' the road.

I won't be howlin' 'round your house
Won't be scratchin' your door
Won't be howlin' 'round your house
Ain't your dog no more.

I graduated from obedience school
I'd roll and sit when I was told
Woke up hungry, went searchin' for some food
Some other Rover's at the dog food bowl.


The pack you found me with
Was bayin' at the moon
I begged to follow you home
Tonight I heard 'em, they was playin' my tune
Don't bother callin' girl, I'm dog gone.


Won't be howlin' 'round your house
Ain't your dog no more
I ain't your dog no more
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