Billy Ray Cyrus - His Shoes Lyrics

Writer(s) : Stegall, Keith / Harrison, Gary / Chamberlain, Carson
Artist: Billy Ray Cyrus Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Shot Full of Love
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I remember the time
Before you were mine
And I was dying to be in his shoes
Now he's gone away
And I'm in his place
But his memory hasn't moved
The shadow he cast just grows larger than life
How can the past cut two hearts like a knife

I can't walk away
But how can I stay
Any way I step I lose
My back's to the wall
I stumble and fall
Trying to live my life in his shoes

He wasn't a saint
So what are these chains
He holds on both of us
You give it your best
But you can't forget
And my love's not strong enough
To put out a fire that someone else lit
Or walk in the footprints that never will fit

[Chorus: x2]

In his shoes
In his shoes

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