Bing Crosby - Shoe Shine Boy Lyrics

Artist: Bing Crosby Lyrics
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Album: Track 14 on It's Easy to Remember
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Though you haven't many toys
You don't envy any boys
Every day's a work day,
Your work is just a game
I'd like to sing your praise
but I don't know your name

You're just a shoe shine boy
You work hard all day
Shoe shine boy
Got no time to play
Every nickel helps a lot
So shine, shine, shoe shine boy.

You find joy in the things you do
Shoe shine boy seldom ever blue
You're content with what you've got
So shine, shine, shoe shine boy.

People look at you with scorn
'cos your clothes are worn and torn
Still you never whine
You keep looking up and down the street
Pleading with each one you meet
Brother can you spare a shine.

Oh, Shoe shine boy soon the day will come
Shoe shine boy soon a tune you'll hum
Every nickel helps a lot
So shine, shine, shoe shine boy.

Shoe shine, shoe shine boy

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