Bishop T.D. Jakes - You are My Ministry Lyrics

Artist: Bishop T.D. Jakes Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Sacred Love Songs
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You are my ministry, You are my "help meet to"
When I think about loving myself, I think about loving You
You are my "do me right", my spiritual song in the night
A special part of me, my ministry
Longing to lay my hands on you
Lift you up high when you're feeling blue
Anointed to speak the word over you
When you don't know just what to do
I will be there when things grow cold
My kind of love will heed your soul
I'm at the end of a long hard day,
Waiting to stroke your stress away
Baby come in and shut the door
Drop all your stuff in the middle of the floor
I'm just staring at the clock all day,
Waiting to soothe all your pain away
I am your wife, the woman he sent
Whatever it takes,
I'm your instrument
Give everything that you feel inside,
Let it all out
There's no need to hide

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