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Man, why did it have to happen to me?
Man, what did I do to get this?
What'd I do to deserve this?
Check it out

[Verse 1: Biz Markie]
I woke up in the morning with my hand on my head
Not knowin this would be one day that I'd dread
I prayed the night before, for a let-me-live
The way this day turned out wasn't my prerogative
I went to the kitchen to get some cereal smooth as silk
But when I looked in the ice box, there wasn't no milk
Well I don't need no breakfast, I'm too fat anyway
I just grab a cup of juice and be on my way
So I got my car keys, on route to my job
I walked out, my windows broken and my car got robbed
They took my radio and my favorite cassette
What a way to start the day, aww - what's next?
I get to the office, my boss starts to scream
It was really unbelievable, like a bad dream
He kept talkin all this blahse blahse
And looked at me and said, "What you have to say?"

I'm havin a bad day
Things ain't goin my way
I'm havin a bad day
Today, today

[Verse 2: Biz Markie]
Here's somethin else that happened to me
In the middle of this day that's bein deep
To begin this era of grief and aggravation
I was parked by a meter and still got a citation
Took the ticket off my window, got in my car alright
A cop pulled behind me at a red light
"Your licence, registration and insurance card"
I was buggin out cause it was really hard
I didn't do nothin, asked, "Why'd you pull me over?
You never saw a young man drive a Range Rover?"
He let me go and said, "Don't do it again" - "Why,"
I said, "thank you officer, you been a nice guy"
So I stopped at the store to get somethin to drink
Guess what happened to me before I could blink
They had my truck in the air, just about to be towed
For $700 in tickets I owed


[Verse 3: Biz Markie]
After all that I could finally go home
And rest my feet and get on the telephone
I had a unbelievable time in the city
I shoulda be down with the [?] committee
I tried to cook some dinner but it came out burnt
The fire was too hot, I just had learned
So freak it, I'll go to a restaurant
I brought a girl with me, asked, "What do you want?"
"Shrimp and lobster, two bottles of Alizé"
I looked at her and said, "Hey hey hey!"
She ate all the food and drank all of the liquor
I better bring her home so I can stick her
So I got her to my house as fast as I can
This is like takin candy out of a baby's hand
But when I got her to my room, without no doubt
She was so intoxicated that she passed out


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