I'm So Cool Lyrics


album: Track 11 in album Hanni Cap Circus
release date: 2005-6-28
popularity : 5 users have visited this page.
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Thug Rap/Gangsta
length: 4:19

Cover Art

Bizarre Hanni Cap Circus cover art
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[Intro: Bizarre]
Aight here we go, yeah
This track is dedicated, to my grandfather, Sweet Red
We love you.. can't nobody walk like you tonight
[Chorus: Bizarre]
I'm so coooool – look at the way, look at the way I walk
I'm so coooool – my gangsta lean, look at the way I talk
I'm so coooool – look at the way, look at the way I walk
I'm so coooool – my gangsta lean, look at the way I talk
[Bizarre: singing]
Girl, you don't have to have no sex (no sex)
Just bend your body, and work yo' neck
See I'm so coooool.. I ain't tryin to break no sweat (phew)
Just give you some sex, that you won't forget (ahh!)
So just chill.. and just roll the weed up [cough cough]
It's the way I walk, my legs ain't messed up
See I'm so coooool.. coolest nigga that you know (that you KNOW!)
Cause Jerry Hollywood is 'bout to go (YEAH!)
[Bizarre: singing]
I'm the big guy with the shower cap on TV (yeah)
And all the hoes, they all love to see me
Cause I'm so coooool – my sexy stomach, they love all my tats
In a hotel room, hittin it from the back (who yo' daddy!)
Cause I'm so coooool – all the hoes let me nut, on they clothes-es
CAUSE I'M SO COOL! Ahh, cool, motherfucker I'm cool
Aiyyo Chav, show these motherfuckers how cool I am! YEAH!!
[Interlude: Bizarre]
Just be cool man
You havin problems with your label, be cool
You havin problems in yo' marriage, be cool
Cause I'm cool, can't nothin fuck up my spirit, WHOO!
I'm just gon' keep poppin these pills
And livin in "Alice in Wonderland," with the butterflies
Ha ha, I wanna give a shout out to
All them old folks, in the old folks home
Smokin that weed when the nurse leave
[Outro: Bizarre]
Yeah, what's cooler than bein cool?
Aiyyo Proof, why don't you do that Young Legend walk? (hahaha)
Walk like Young Legend Proof.. ahh I see you, hahahaha
I see you, ha ha ha, aiyyo Obie! Ha ha
Ay walk like you be walkin when you walkin in the airport
Do that airport walk.. ah-hahaha, yeah, heh
Boy you a damn fool [fades out]

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