Black Label Society - Sold My Soul Lyrics

Writer(s) : ZAKK WYLDE
Artist: Black Label Society Lyrics
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Without you woman by my side
Contemplating suicide, torn from all my pride
A man tells me, "Son, that ain't the way.
Gonna make a deal with you child,
Gonna live another day.
Just sign right here son...
Everything will be alright"

Ohhh Ain't nothing I wouldn't do
Ohhh All & everything for you
Ohhh Your love is all I know and ever knew
Ohhh ....

Therefore I have sold my soul for you
I was told by this man it would be worth my while
He'd return me to my woman
Return me to my smile -
It's all I ask for in this life
"Whatever's wrong, son..." he told me he'd make right

Just sign right here child
Everything will be alright
Therefore I have sold my soul for you

All for you
Just sign right here son
Everything will be alright

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