Black Moon - Freestyle Lyrics

Artist: Black Moon Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on War Zone
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See that **** right here
Feel that ***** Buckshot
Listen this is the realest mutha****in herb
This is called Freestyle
For all you *****s that ain't even clear up on this ****
Don't know what's goin now
Listen close, this is called a freestyle

A lot of *****s are jealous of Buckshot [say what?]
I hear it everyday on my block
I heard you did a album with 2Pac
Yeah mutha****a, thugadon till I drop
And what not, watch the spot get blown
Two heads flown, can't stop me now mutha****a
I'm in the zone
Baby you ready to go home, 'cause I'm ready to bone
The don king of rap sittin on the throne
Juice truck, who's that? that's Buck
Representin N.Y.C., *****, it got to be
Ben Frank, small but I got tall money in the bank
Strong arm them *****s with shanks
You better thank God, mutha****a, times is hard
Real *****s know **** stink


All my jewels cost a arm and a leg
Smoke **** right to the head
Nuff said, I'mma speak this
Loud voice, no choice mutha****a
I'mma break a meter, even if the sound don't come through
I give it to you in a form a liquid you can drink too, think too
Got a mink too, platinum too
Buck is like a tank, and I'mma flat them too
Get that ***** talk, I put a cap in her too
Put the gat inside her mouth and put a gap in her too
What the dilly yo? I'm in it for the women and the profit
I just can't stop it
Don't knock it, I'm addicted to the Freestyle
Just like a drug, Buck the B.D. Thug bust slugs
***** what?
You get two to your dove, ****in wit this *****
I ain't no joke


Buck's no joke, I'm like smoke
Here I come creepin through the door
Seepin through ya pore, make you do your chores
Buck Buck smoke the spliff, dumb the ash mutha****a
Get ya clean the floor
See I gotta explore the mic, can't ignore the mic
Gotta be on tour with the mic
Rollin up the black from dust to dust
Buck is like a burner, **** back and bust
Four clip, ready for the bullshit
As soon as the target's on sight, ***** pull ****
Don't wait, aim straight, point it at his plate
If he die it's fates, if it don't wait
*****'s don't know, Buckshot rock don status *****
I'm a C.E.O. with the mickey flow and yo
**** around and get freaky wit ya main ho
At my show, ***** what
You get two straight to your guns, you didn't know Buck was the ****
I ain't the one to **** with

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