Black Moon - Niguz Talk Shit Lyrics

Artist: Black Moon Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Enta da Stage
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Somebody call the morgue, I just caught a DOA
Two to the head, I shot the ***** in broad day
No joke, I smoke gunshots you heard from blocks and blocks
I bust Mac-10s, oo-wops and Glocks
****, killin every ***** in sight
Bust a cap and crack a joke over your grave like Dolemite
Cause I'm a sick-*** ***** with no brains
Burst in flames, turn the mic into blood stains
Any thought I think, you blink and drink death
So I rip the mic and pat my ***** to the left
5ft. Excellerator, greater than your crew
Bring in your whole mob, mutha****a, you're still through
Yo *****, where's my four-fifth?
I got more riff for any ***** *****s who forfeit
Bring it on, what, I got no shame
Buckshot's in the house and you know my name

*****s talk **** but that ain't my steel'
*****s talk **** but that ain't my steel'
*****s talk **** but that ain't my steel'
I'm the type of ***** to put lead in your grill

Slow it down one pitch for that hoe with the lick
Pass the automatic, I'm about to flip
And spray *****s with my vocal ( ? )
Lead to the chest penetrate through the vest
And when I roll mad deep *****s back off
****in with Buckshot it's blood you cough
I don't laugh or joke, I never choke on a blunt
But I chocke a stunt if it's beef she want
So bring the mutha****in arrow and I play Rambo
When I shoot the crossbow inside the hoe
And her *****, triggers I'm addicted to
Like angel dust I bust holes in your crew
You're wack, face the fact, you're all on my jock
Till the ehm tic-toc, I don't pop
So yo make way so I can make my day
I'm fonky but you're Pepe Le Pew


Watch your mouth, *****, I heard you're talkin mad ****
If you're really on my ****, bend, take a lick
Here's your choice cause my voice'll break backbones and necks
Who's next to flex and feel the wrath of my tec
I spray, no delay, more jabs than Sugar Ray
I murder then I drop dead bodies in the lake
Beats with mad funk, pop the trunk
Play my tape while you lay back, puff the skunk
I'm no joke, I flip the script like De Niro
I'm a full-course meal, you're a one-dollar Hero
I'm sorta like the mob when I get a job done
Contracts and all that, guns, guns
So stay the **** back or feel the heat from my gat
Buckshot Shorty, see, I always stay strapped
With the nickel nine on my mutha****in waistline
*****, you know my name, bring it in


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