Black Moon Powaful Impak! Lyrics

Artist: Black Moon
Publishers: ©MJJN LLC
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Album: Track 1 on Enta da Stage
Length: 4:02

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Intro: Buckshot
Hey yo, this is straight up for all them *****z out there
Who fronted on some bullshit in the beginning, **** dat

(some reggae shouting)

Verse 1: Buckshot

Blaaaww! Here comes the Buckshot Shorty
I kill black real, so guard your grill like naughty
*****z call me Jeffrey Dahmer, why
I'm quick to bombercars
That **** your armor, cause I cause mad trauma
No comma, straight through your mama like acid
I ****ed her, then I did it, that's why you's a little bastard
You talk mad **** with no back up, what's up, act up
You punk *****z get smacked up, word life
You ****in' with the wrong *****
I **** too many on the mic, they call me daddy long trigger
Mister Buckshot, makin' the gun hot
From *****z that fiend to see my little *** rot
Peep my style, check my level
I'm so hot, I shot a ****in' fair one with the devil
Booyakya!, watch your back, grab your ****in' gat
Here come brothers who are ready to act

Chorus: [samples of Busta Rhymes]
[Powafal Impak] 4x
Boom!! [the cannon]

Verse 2: Buckshot

Some pack a mac, I choose to pack a black 22
By my waistline, buckin' your whole crew
I step through, and represent Black Moon
First, before I kick a verse, I puff a bag of boo
Lyrically I freak your funk you never heard
My **** is so fly, when I kick it, it's absurd
Damn, how I wrecked your life with one record
Made your crew break up and girl get naked
Respected, because I work hard for my cash
Shakin' more flavor then Mrs. Dash
Look out below, my flow will hit your brain
I got dough, but I still hop the train
I'm bustin' *****z open, Attica style
Yo, straight to the jugular, brother you're mad foul
Gimme dat, because I rock with the best
Yo, peace to the hardcore *****z, **** the rest


Verse 3: Buckshot

Fee, to the Fi, to the Fo, to the Funk
I pop junk and keep the bump in the trunk
Puff the skunk and get high, Oh lord
Get on my skateboard and do a **********in' driveby
You little crab *** flea
Biting my style, you know the original rudeboy is me
Buckshot, no joke, smoke a ***** like buddha
Who the **** you think you playin' wit
Yeah, I'm sayin' it
Cause I want beef, for you can hang here right
Yo, sometimes I wonder how the **** you get a mic
But I don't sweat that, cause I 'm still paid
*****z get bucked down, *****es get sprayed
I do what I want, just so I can make loot
If it's an eagle, pack the gat son
You know how we do, true


(Assorted shout outs 'til end)
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