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Artist: Bliss n Eso Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Flying Colours
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You see time stops still
In the eye of the storm
The foundation of my home
Where my rhyming was born
It's a rhythmic reality,
A remedy through riddles
Where love's a hurricane
And you meet me in the middle

It's the good, the bad,
The house I furnish
The crystal clear sea,
The sound I worship
The rush of the city,
The calm of the Outback
The film called Life
Where my heart is the soundtrack

It's that lucky streak
Without no warning
It's the memory of cartoons
On Saturday morning
It's that classic culture
That connects the country
Through raw energy
That reflects we're hungry
It's that timeless feeling
That I get on stage
It's those government bills
That I'll never pay
It's that fun I have
Free-styling with my mates
My little getaway
That only music can create

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