Bloc Party - Zephyrus Lyrics

Writer(s) : Okereke, Kele / Lissack, Russell
Artist: Bloc Party Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Intimacy
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Backwards, forwards but making no ground at all
Standing in the city with the clocks counting one
And your face is still wet from the fight before
As your tears hit the ground, blue flowers spring from them
Baby, I'm ashamed of the things I put you through
Baby, I'm ashamed of the man I was for you

And all you said in your quietest voice
Was "I needed you as much as they do"

How fast must we run before we can just take off in flight?
How far must we run before they do not recognize us?
So let's take this from the start, you'll be me and I'll be you
And let's try not to complain about your smoking
And my distant heart
And my distant heart
And my distant heart


(Too many mirrors in this house)
(And I don't like to see myself like this)
(I'm becoming the man I used to be I guess)
(These walls could tell you a thing or two)
(Things that you really don't want to know)
(Lend me your eyes for your point of view)
(Lend me your feet and I'll stand up for you)


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