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Album: Track 14 on Blossom Dearie
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This is a fine spring morning
It's everywhere for us to share
Just look what a fine spring morning can do
I've got a brand new feeling
When I think twice it's awful nice
I hope everybody is feeling it too
Bees are getting busier
Birds are getting dizzier
Little girls & boy are getting quizzier
Songs are getting singier
Butterflies are wingier
And sure as shootin' spring is getting springier
So on this fine spring morning
My hearts resigned
Made up my mind
To spend every fine spring morning with you
Say I've seen a lot of mornings
The sunshine glows
A rooster crows
But this is my first spring morning in love
So if this young girls fancy
Gets out of hand
Please understand
It's just that this young girls fancy is love
Kids are getting cozier
Neighbors getting nosier
Bulls are getting more & more bulldozier
Bums are getting bummier
Chums are getting chummier
And yummy looking girls are getting yummier
Some of these fine spring mornings
Were going to be a family
And spend every fine spring morning
In love

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