Blue Cheer - Believer Lyrics

Artist: Blue Cheer Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Oh! Pleasant Hope
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You're a young man now and
You toss the hair from your shoulders
Feeling strong and
All the young girls are coming on bolder
Back at home you know the old folks just get older
Why wait around when the world needs you to lead her

even you could be a believer
even you, a mighty believer.

There's a light to your life and
Your eyes are glowing much brighter
There's a voice in the dark and
She whispers, "You gotta hold tighter"
Storm is lifted and your spirits are soaring much higher
It's a race to the end but the way seems to be clearing.

even you could be a believer
even you, a mighty believer
Oh Yeah.

There's a band in the streets
Gonna play "Homecoming Soldier"
Well back in D.C., man
The White House is shakin' a somethin'
Cause the Senator's son yeah the young bull is gonna take over
(Watch it)
He's a young man now
He's got to toss the hair from his shoulder.

even you could be a believer
even you a mighty believer
You're a young man now and you haven't got a lot to lose.

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