Bob Dylan - Waiting To Get Beat Lyrics

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Waiting to get beat
On a dark and lonely street
Pay time 'round, pay back down
Waiting to get beat

Waiting to get beat
Waiting like a piece of meat
The mumble is on, the thrill is gone
Waiting to get beat

You're playin' around with daddy, baby
When you should have quit
Nobody messes up one of these boys
And get away with it

Waiting to get beat
Can't sleep, can't eat
Getting rude, getting bold
Getting ready to be rolled
Waiting to get beat

Setting a match to the house that you live in
And falling for the first clown you see
One day there'll be a knock on the door
And you know who it'll be

Waiting to get beat
Playing with a heart that will cheat
Getting pretty, getting ripped
Getting dressed to get whipped
Waiting to get beat

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