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Album: Track 6 on The Vegetarians of Love
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Crucified me, Bob Geldof
First time that I saw you, you were standing in the hall
You said you knew everything but I knew you knew fuck all
There were tremors in your cheekbones, there was longing in your eyes
But I thought I smelt a nameless fear buried in your thighs
You crucified me
Do you see that you crucify me
I crounched down in the hallway, you huddled on the step
There were shadows in the alcove, we were way out of our depth
There was thunder in the hallway, there was lightning at the gate
Electric storms flashed through the walls in fixed and fluid states
And crucified me
Do you see taht you crucify me
Now and then I call your name and now and then it's clear
Baby you can call in vain even though you're near
You were cloaked in your depression like a widow in her veils
How could we begin to think that we could ever fail
You crucify me
Do you see that you crucify me
First time that I saw you, you were standing 'gainst the wall
You swore I knew everything but you knew I knew fuck all

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