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You said you love me,
I said I love you
Why won't you stop your crying?
Dry your weeping eyes
You know that I love,
I love I love I love you so,
Da dam dam da dam damsel
Here I am
I said come rub it 'pon me belly wit' you guava jelly
Da dam dam da dam damsel (Here I am)
Whoa now (Come rub it 'pon me belly)
Whoa now (Wit you guava jelly)
Whoa now
I really really
I really love you
Yes I really
Really love you child
I'll say you should stop your crying
Wipe, wipe your weeping eyes
Getting high I'm gonna love
Love you from the bottom of my heart (Damsel)
Oh damsel
Oh damsel (Here I am)
Oh damsel (Come rub it 'pon me belly wit you guava jelly)
Da dam dam da dam damsel (Here I am)

etc etc etc, the song fades away

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