Bob Rivers What If Eminem Did Jingle Bells? Lyrics

Artist: Bob Rivers
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It’s worse than Disco
It’s worse that Achy Breaky Fever Too
This is L. A. M. E.

If I gotta hear this stupid little song again I’ll die
But it’s on next to me I don’t know where

Looks like it’s Sheryl Crow or nothing
And this song’s sure a big one
An’ I’m sure that it’s catchy, it’s gotta be making money
But it’s burnt crispy to me
and I wonder if I’ll hear it everyday
for the rest of my whole life

Well a sappy D. J. Intros this song
I’m dangerously close to a radio speaker
But I turn it of quick with this crowbar

All I wanna do is trash this song
I gotta feeling I’m not the only one

What I wanna do is load my gun
Gimme that CD I’ll put some holes in one

It’s no longer new, It’s overdone
It gives me a headache, and I’m not the only one

All I wanna do is smash this tune
And when this song comes on
Rip the stereo right out of my car

And if I hum this one
Rip my hair right out and kick me real hard!
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