Bobby Darin If a Man Answers Lyrics

Artist: Bobby Darin
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group, CARLIN AMERICA INC, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC
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Length: 2:24

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If a Man Answers your phone when I call
Oh, there's gonna be some screamin' that ain't all
'Cause if I'm here callin' you
Then who's the who I'm talkin' to ?
Why any fool could see
That for sure it ain't me
If a Man Answers your phone then honey we're through!

Now everything between us used to be fine
Till I became a third party
When there ain't no party line

Gonna hang this phone up now and dial again
Oh and their better be a soprano on the other end
'Cause if the voice is baritone
When you told me you'd be home alone
Well,then I'm wastin' my time
Not to mention my dime
So,If a Man Answers your phone then honey I'm gone!

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