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Album: Track 4 on Album Minus Band
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Every day's a hassle when you never sleep at night.
Tossing and turning and shaking uncomfortably.
But today's the fucking weekend
So we're sleeping until five.
Wake up and lock the door and burn off calories.

Never let go when you talk to me.
Your stories are boring, they put me to sleep.
But that's just what I wanted
And I swear that's what I needed,
My busy day of sleeping in.

Cut power to the cell phones, automate all replies
Pass out on couches, put wings in the microwave.
Open up a bottle, it'll beep when they are done.
I heard it beep. Fuck it, man. Let's have another one.

Do you have a prob if I drink some more?
You don't have a problem. Let's both drink some more.
'Cause this is all I needed, yeah
Alcohol and coffee
My busy day of sleeping in.

They're all mindless sheep.
Let's kick everyone else's ass and teeth
Right in
Nails right through their feet.
The world cannot move now, let's go back to sleep.

When we rejoin the public, we'll laugh at everyone.
Chumps who celebrate four-month anniversaries.
They're all fucking suckers, I'm done with everyone.
'Cause I finally found someone who's antisocial with me.

Never let go when you talk to me.
Your stories are boring, they put me to sleep.
Everyone can die now,
'√Ďause I found you and you're perfect.
My busy day of sleeping in.

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