Bomb the Music Industry! Future 86 Lyrics

Artist: Bomb the Music Industry!
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Can I stop my life so I can just be with you?
Let's hightail to Hawaii on a plane.
I'll embezzle what's left of my band fund
To take necessary action to destroy what I have made

You and I will move to New York City
I'll get a temp job, you'll start your career
I'm not being fickle, just realistic
The air is moist but it never gets too cold this time of year

So tell me was it worth it?
Answer before I get in my van
To drive into the Pacific
Where I'll probably never see your face again.

Say the word and I'll put my guitar down.
I'll be mad, but at least we'll both get laid
We'll start to fight when I hold it against you
And we'll both agree the thought was nice but I should not have stayed

Take the I-Whatever to desolation
And now fast food's reminding me of you
So I'll write postcards and I'll forget to send them
Thanks a lot, I lost my mind and now I'm losing you

So tell me something awesome
That can last my whole life sentence in the van
'Cause I'm on the S.S. Ambition/Bullshit Dreams/Stupid Goals to nowhere
And I'll probably never see your face again.
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