Tricked Lyrics

Bombshell Rocks

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length: 1:58

You tricked me, made me believe
the boy deserves another shot.
Empty words without any meaning,
you really but me on the spot.
I thought I made a good impression,
and now who's the crying fool?
All that talk about a connection,
how in the hell could you be so cruel?

I don't know why you tricked me.
I really gave it a try.

She said I need you to be my anchor and friend,
OK I said and I dropped my guard.
Just like a washed out trend,
She had me for a while then threw away my heart.
And now we don't speak no more,
yeah we don't speak now more.
I was your own little dirty whore.
Now we don't speak, don't speak no more.

It's time I say goodbye,
girl you're no longer on my mind.

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